Design History Capsule: Pininfarina’s 1955 “Nomad” – Everybody Cribs

(first posted 11/11/2011)     The one universal and infallible truth about the automotive design business is that everyone copies. Now obviously, someone has to innovate from time to time for others to copy from, and in the fifties, Pininfarina played that role more than anyone else. But that’s not to say they were immune to the outside influences either, as this concept for a 1955 Fiat 1100 wagon shows all to clearly. And before you point out the similarities of the rear fenders and taillights to those of a 1954 Ford, keep in mind we’re talking about the 1954 Nomad Concept, not the final production car. And its rear end looked like this:

Now about that rear-slanting B Pillar on the Fiat…guess he didn’t want to be too obvious. Well, that and the fact that it was a bit of a PF trademark at the time. And the Fiat’s chrome side spear ends a few inches sooner. Can’t be to blatant.

Now watch someone come along and show us an earlier Pininfarina design that the Nomad cribbed.

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