Exceptional CL Find: “Brand New” 1984 Pontiac Fiero – Heavily Discounted From Its Original Price

Pontiac 1984 Fiero fq

(hat tip to Kevin Li)   Depreciation is a bitch; the minute you drive off the lot, your new car is worth a whole lot less. Even more so if you stash it for thirty years without ever driving it and pay for the heated storage. This 1984 Fiero cost about $8500 new, or $19,000 in today’s dollars. This “brand new” one with 200 km on the odometer is being offered in Vancouver, B.C. for $11,600 CDN. If the owner was hoping it would appreciate over the years of storing it, here’s proof to the contrary. But for some Fiero lover out there, this might just be a fabulous bargain.

Pontiac 1984 Fiero odo

The seller says: “This vehicle was purchased new in Edmonton Alberta and never driven! Stored in a heated secure warehouse since purchased from dealer. One owner, and in new condition inside and out.

Pontiac 1984 Fiero trunk

It does like showroom fresh.

Pontiac 1984 Fiero tire

1984 vintage Eagle GTs, looking very unused.

Pontiac 1984 Fiero rq

It certainly hasn’t had an engine fire yet, something these Fieros were rather notorious for. So here’s your chance to buy a show fresh GM Deadly Sin. What are you waiting for?


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