Family CCs: Those Klockau Boys, They Don’t Go For Silver Camrys…

12-01-2013 023 (800x491)

On Thanksgiving, my Town Car, winding down its last week or two before being cocooned in the garage, found itself parked next to my brother’s car, a 2011 Volvo C30 T5. I don’t know that two cars could be more different, but one thing they aren’t is bland! No silver Camry or beige Accord here.

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Andy shocked me in January 2013 when he declared his intention of purchasing a C30. He had never expressed any interest in owning a Volvo, as they were just a bit too stodgy for his tastes. But after a whirlwind of research on the computer, he found the one he wanted in Wisconsin, and drove the old Dakota up there to trade in.

??????????????????????????Andy’s “Super Bee” Dakota

His 2001 Dakota Sport 4×4, in Amber Fire, had been with him since August of ’01, when he got it at Sam Leman’s in Peoria, a very lightly-used one-owner car. It was his only source of transportation for nearly a dozen years, being customized into a “Super Bee” as a college graduation gift. But the miles were taking their toll, and it was getting rusty to boot.

6727926353_18999b4604_b (800x575)My brother’s ‘cuda, as seen on the Cohort

You should know he is a huge Mopar fan, as his first car was a 1973 ‘cuda 340, and the Dakota replaced it after the “Bondocuda” (as my mother called it) proved a poor car for daily–and winter!–driving. I fully expected him to get a late-model Challenger eventually. But no, he only had eyes for a C30, and it had to be orange, same as his Dakota. Notice a pattern here?

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So, in the last year, Andy bought his first non-Mopar and I bought my first non-Volvo. Strange days, indeed.

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