CC Outtake: 1970 Snow Cruiser RK32

Snowcruiser RK32

We have had a decent number of snow related posts of late. So how about a genuine snowmobile? I spotted this 1969-1971 Snow Cruiser RK32 outside a local scrapyard. Perhaps we can split the year differences and call it a 1970. It didn’t stick around long so hopefully it was snapped up by a collector.

1971 OMC

Snow Cruiser was a brand owned by Outboard Marine Corporation of Canada who in turn was a wholly owned subsidiary of the US based OMC. Envirude and a Johnson outboard motors were in the same corporate family. Snow Cruiser exclusively sold snowmobiles in Canada from the mid 1960s to the early 1970s. They were manufactured in a large and modern factory located in Peterbough, Ontario. The Vintage Snowmobile site offers a selection of fantastic and rare brochures for your browsing pleasure.

Snowcruiser 32 engine

This particular Snow Cruiser is a RK32 (sometimes referred to as a RK321) model which would have been on the sportier end of the model range. Built for use in 400cc and under racing classes the RK32 packs a 399cc air cooled Kohler twin cylinder engine. The 32hp output is obtained with twin carburetors and gives the sled its name. A more powerful 36hp motor could be had if one stepped up to the RK36 model.

Snowcruiser 32 front

The dual headlight front end gives the sled more of a human face than the lower trim single headlight models. With the chrome wrap around bumper you could take away the front skis and it would have an amusement park bumper car look. The intake grating and gas cap are noticeably missing from this angle. Otherwise the snowmobile looks rather intact although a little weathered.

Snowcruiser 32 engine 1
Other features of this model were standard disc brakes, neutral lookout, adjustable track and a cut down, tinted windshield. The transmission was a Salsbury variable speed drive with an endless double chain final gear. Suspension is torsion springs with six axles and 15 Bogie wheels.

Snowcruiser 32 rear

In 1971 OMC discontinued the Snow Cruiser brand and instead choose to market its Evinrude and Johnson line of snowmobiles in Canada.

Snowcruiser 2005

As a bonus this more basic 2005 model was sitting near by. I suspect this one is a 1970 model.