Flat Paint Cohort Outtake: Mercedes 190 2.6 – Just How Was That Hood Done?

Mercedes 190 2.6 f

We’re going to continue on our survey of the popular flat paint fad. This olive Mercedes W201 190 2.6 shot by William Rubano sports the second most common flat/matte paint color after black, but has something else happening on the hood. It reminds me (a bit) of some of the faux painting effects (with a rag and sponge) I used on one of our bathroom walls. But the deliberate use of surface rust for effect; was it bead/sand blasted, but not quite all the way? It looks almost exactly like the underside of my Ford pickup’s bare steel ceiling, rusted by all the condensation over the decades.

Mercedes 190 2.6 r

True confessions: I rather like this olive matte paint job, and not just on this Mercedes. I’ve seen a few others around town, and I’ll share them with you. Of course, it’s the latest fad, right down to the obligatory black steelies (I can relate to that). It’s a way to give an older car with undoubtedly aging paint a bit of a face-lift, and one that probably can be done on the cheap, at least compared to a good clear-coat respray. No need to mask the emblems either!

Mercedes 190 2.6 s

In fact, I could almost see my white xB in this. There; I’ve said it. Maybe a wrap in case i change my mind? And the hood? I’ll get back to you on that.