Ford Zephyr 6: 1960 Comet And Edsel Design Elements Get Recycled

What caught my eye is this shot of a (UK) Ford Zephyr 6, posted at the Cohort by Bryce. Haven’t I see that before? Yes I have.

OK, the 1960 Comet’s rear end was a bit more exuberant. But that’s what came to my mind. And then I remembered about the Zephyr’s front end:

Hmm, that looks somewhat familiar too.

Hardly a dead-ringer, but Ford really wasn’t using a strongly-divided front grille as a styling cue at the time, except on the Edsel, of course.This is the final 1960 version.


And this is the proposed front end of the small Edsel that was restyled to become the 1960 Comet.

Canadian Roy Brown created the concept that became the original 1958 Edsel, as well as the Ford Zephyr (and Cortina). But Bud Kaufman is credited with both the 1960 Edsel and Comet. So exactly how these design cues moved around is not exactly clear to me. Everyone’s always looking over someone’s shoulders, right?