Forget Work; How Many Can You Identify?

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(first posted 3/3/2011)    CC interloper jjd241 has thrown my work plan for the day out the window. He posted a link to this fab pic in his Vega comments (no connection, I assume?), of what appears to be the Gotthard Pass in Switzerland. It’s started a guessing game as to the year, and identifying the cars. Who needs another new CC anyway? Let the Cluers be kept in suspense. Other than the obvious VeeDubs, I’ve got several nailed; I think.

But I’ll hold off for a while to see if anyone else wants to take a crack at it. If not, just enjoy. And keep this in mind: that VW Type 2 pickup hauling that boat has exactly 30 hp (36 gross). It’s all in the gearing.

I have vivid memories of taking a tour into Switzerland on the same or a similar pass road in 1959, with nine adults and two children packed into an equally-powered VW Samba bus, with the panoramic windows and the sunroof open. I remember counting the leaves on the grass as it slowly passed by. That is, when there were no cars to look at.