From The 1960 Auto Parade: Fiat 500 Sport — Helmet, Racing Goggles And 21 HP

1960 Auto Parade Fiat 500 Sport  900

No, this isn’t one of Carlo Abarth’s hot little Fiat 500 buzz-bombs, although even those only went up to 38 hp (the 600 was the basis of the real Abarth terrors). The 500 Sport was Fiat’s attempt to add a little Latin zest to the basic 500, which had a riding-mower like 16.5 hp (@4000 rpm) and a top speed of about 50 mph. The Sport upped the ante with 21 hp, at a breathtaking 4500 rpm (not all Fiats were high revving). Just the ticket for Tony to terrorize the local roads, although an uphill one like this one wouldn’t exactly be the best place to show off the 500 Sport’s prowess. The 500’s thrashy aircooled vertical twin was designed for one thing only: ultra cheap and ultra-slow basic transport, and just didn’t lend itself to tuning Italian style like the 600/850’s water cooled fours.