From The CC Cohort: Not Forgotten

No, we haven’t forgotten the CC Cohort; at least not totally. And we’ll try to do better. Here’s a nice double CC by Andrew T. Takes me right back to Iowa City in the early seventies, when old bars like this where still commonplace. Before Sports Bars, and Yuppie bars, and Theme Bars, and Wine Bars, and Olive Oil Bars (yes); instead,just plain old bars. Tall tin ceilings, battered wood floors, a pool table in back, and a superb old hand-carved “bar”. And PBR, of course.

Here’s a fine ’63 Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe, by Dave_7. Nice black and red theme.

Someone drove this fine ’41 Buick to the store, and Jim aka molbilene snapped it, on film too. Good catch.

Bryce sends us this baby blue Avenger. Much better name than Cricket. How did we deserve that?

Dave_7 is hitting me in my soft spot for old campers, big and small. Here’s cute little number that’s likely homemade, sitting on the back of a 70’s Datsun.

A particularly fine example of a ’71 Olds Delta 88 coupe, also by Jim aka mobiline. Help me out on those wheels, though. They’re not stock, I’m 99% certain, but what are the from. I should know…an older Olds?

Another one from Bryce, this one a Holden Kingswood wagon. I’m particularly fond of these wagons; a lot trimmer than the Colonnades we got here.

Finally, a ’66 Facon Futura coupe, by channaher. These just aren’t very common anymore. Sure reminds me of an overgrown Cortina of the times.

Keep them coming; I’ll try to do better.