From The Photo Vaults: Proof That The French Lean To The Left

The Italian Paradigm.


One fine summer evening in 1967, in the Parisian suburb of Vaucresson (where my parents lived), I decided to conduct a photographic study of cornering attitudes of the typical cars of the day. Italian cars, as shown by this Fiat 124 coupe above, exhibited controlled lean but an otherwise supple suspension.


A Mini in the midst of causing lust.


Although not typical of the average British sedan (saloon), Minis, especially if they had any Paddy Hopkirk mods, cornered even flattter.

Peugeot 204?


Now that we get Gallic, we begin to see a bit more lean, as in this Peugeot 204.

Citroen DS19.


This is my sister cranking the family DS19 through this right-hander. OK, so she didn’t exactly clip the apex.


Whoa! A 2CV Fourgonnette.


Now we are getting into some serious leanage. A Citroen 2CV commercial. Nice tight line.


And the winner is…


OK, maybe not much more lean than the Fourgonnette, but really working at it. The classic 2CV cornering attitude. Those Michelin Xs weren’t even screaming.