Cohort Outtake: Will The Real Ford LTD Please Stand Up?

Or is this the actual legendary FEMI-powered ZXGLQ-FU Fairlane? They’re so hard to tell apart. But CC Cohort glen.h. swears this a ZG/P5 Series LTD, an upscale version of the Australian Ford Fairlane, built between 1973 and 1976.  And the FEMI six had given way to a brawny 351 inch V8. Progress! Although I’m still trying to decide if that front end is for real, or whether glen is messing with me. So I decided to consult wiki, and it’s true; this is a ZG/P5. And if you think this front end is wild, wait till you see its successor, the P6.

Does it have fine Corinthian leather?