Future Curbside Classics? The New Trend In Automotive Design: Fake Wheels

While I finish up the Karmann Ghia CC, and allow its timeless lines to inspire me, I’ll let you be inspired by a few classics of the future from the Tokyo Auto Show. A growing trend, among other questionable design directions, are fake wheels. Why not? We’re at the point in the evolution of the automobile, where wheels aren’t really a vital component any more, except in their virtual form. This is the Toyota Boshoku.

This personal mobility vehicle sports a particularly fetching set of “wheels”.

The Suzuki Q-Concept’s “wheels” look like mints, or?

I can’t tell for sure, but it almost looks like those wheel spats on the Honda Compo are hiding fake wheels, given how close to the floor they are. Or are tires no longer necessary?

Enough already. Some of us were pretty shocked by Pininfarina’s Ferrari Modulo, in 1970. A Ferrari with covered wheels? What’s the world coming too?