Getting Passed On The Left By A 1967 Barracuda

CC 214 082 925

Do you all realize that in all these years we’ve never set our collective CC eyes on a gen2 Barracuda? Yes, the gen1 has been lavished with our amorous attentions. And Tom Klockau found a gen3 at a car show (natch). But no ’67-’69 Barracuda anywhere here, and given that it’s the best of the bunch, that needed to be rectified. And so when I saw one coming up behind me, I grabbed my camera and began shooting, into my outside rear view mirror, of course.

CC 214 080 925

Here it comes, in a rather odd shade of…fuschia? Or just well-faded red?

CC 214 079 925

I’ll let you all decide how this color came to be, but it doesn’t look any too original to me. And looking at this picture right now, I can’t help but think that the Avanti had more than a bit of influence on this car.

CC 214 078 925

There it goes, the best handling pony car of its era. Now that I know the general whereabouts of its home, I will find it, and promise a full CC within six months!