Getting Passed On The Left By A Chrysler LeBaron


I must have had LeBarons on my mind from my earlier (Cordoba post) today. This one from the J-body’s later years pulled up beside me at a stop light. It’s a chrome-trimmed LX model, which you don’t see as often. Most of them are the monochromatic GTC. Those tape paint stripes are similar to the ones on my mom’s ’94 (Jeep Grand Cherokee). It’s seen better days, but isn’t in that bad shape for a 20-year old New England car. It’s owner is probably the original too, judging by the green Mass plates, which started being  phased out in the mid-90s.


This LeBaron’s most likely a ’93-’95. The rear taillights on this one were made standard on all models in ’93, although high-end models got them for ’92. I didn’t get a look at the front to see whether or not it had the pre-’93 hidden headlights or the ’93-onward composite units. Regardless, I prefer the styling of the 1987-91 models with their hidden headlights and full-width all-red taillights with black accents.