CC Question: When Were You The Most Nervous?


Recent experiences, combined with Brendan Saur’s post (here) got me to thinking.

Earlier today, my wife called me at work, sounding quite frantic.  The ’93 Buick Century was suddenly running rough and, being 10 miles from the house, she was worried.  After I attempted to drive it, I parked on the shoulder after it started violently coughing going up hill.  The thrill of tightwad Jason having a low mileage twenty year old car as a daily driver can have consequences, I suppose.

Scurrying to the equipment rental three minutes prior to their closing, I soon had a well worn car dolly hooked to my F-150.  Going back to the Buick, I had the joy of loading it up on the shoulder of a four-lane divided highway.


Two weeks prior to getting married in 1998, my then fiance and I were in my father’s ’84 F-150 pulling a 16′ utility trailer on I-70 across the Missouri River bridge near St. Charles, Missouri.  At that time, this particular segment of highway had just over 250,000 vehicles per day.  Upon our being in the center lane in the midspan of the bridge, the right front tire of the pickup blew out.  This prompted my having to change it on the shoulder of a very busy interstate.

This leads to my question:  What sort of location were you in when an automotive gremlin caused you to be at peak nervousness?