Greetings From The CC Auburn Meet-Up!

CC Meetup Auburn 2014

The CC Meet-Up in Auburn, IN, was a great success, a celebration of the CC spirit at its finest: Enjoying our companionship and love of old cars, but in the flesh and steel instead of virtually. Over twenty showed up, many having driven great distances including Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Toronto, Wisconsin, and even Colorado. This shot was taken at lunch by Jim Grey’s companion, and includes most of us, but not all. Thanks to the collective memories, I think we’re going to be able to name everyone, but if we stumbled, let us know; matching up faces and real names to their CC “handles” was a bit of a challenge for the aging memory banks.

Clock-wise, from the left: Doug DeGelder (“DougD”, who drove from Toronto; George Denzinger (“geozinger”, MI); Perry Shoar; yours truly; Jim Klein, who set the driving record (Colorado) in his 911; “Mr. Edward Mann”, our youngest participant came from MI; Steve (?); Jim Cavanaugh (IN); Steve (MI); Mr. Edward Mann’s  dad (at the very end of the table); Rory Mulligan(“1964bler”, WI); Jim Grey, IN; Richard Bennett (MI), John Eipper (“sevair”, MI); Jason Shafer, (MO); Dan Cluley (MI); Chris (“cresys” MI )and at the head of the table, Dave, (“sipe34”, MO). Tom Klockau also attended, but is not in this shot. Did we miss someone else that’s not in the shot?

I’ve got just a few random snapshots of participants checking out a few of the cars at the ACD Museum to share. Actual write-ups of what we saw will likely be coming later.

CC 236 226 1200

Here’s Tom Klockau and Jason Shafer in the sacred temple of the gods Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg.

CC 236 217 1200

Jim Grey and his companion, who had a deep first immersion into the world of classic cars. I’m sure Jim got some great shots which we may hopefully see at a future time.

CC 236 219 1200

One of several exquisite Cord L-29s, America’s first production FWD car, is getting a thorough checkout by several CCers. Needless to say, there is no place else to see so many Duesenbergs, Cords and Auburns in one place, and a splendid place it is. This is the ground floor showroom of the ACD corporate offices built in 1930; the showroom was not for the public, but for dealers.

CC 236 220 1200

Perry checking out one of the many splendid Auburns.

CC 236 222 1200

John Eipper and Jim Klein ogling a blue Auburn. The variety of bold colors found on the cars of this vintage was refreshing.

CC 236 224 1200

Doug D. and Rory with another Auburn.

CC 236 216 1200

Jason, Tom, Richard Bennett and someone else. As I said, I was too immersed in cars and conversation to keep my wits about me in terms of photographing the event properly, but if others have shots to add, I’ll include them into the post too.

CC 236 231 1200

The winner of best CC driven to the Meet-up was undoubtedly John Eipper’s pristine 1979 Seville, with some 52k miles on the odometer. His dad bought it new, and the family heirloom is now safely in John’s hands, who drove it down from Michigan (I forgot the exact city). And of course, I was treated to ride in it, which may have been my first time in one; it only cemented my love for these fine cars further. The silver went to Rory’s (1964bler) Isuzu Pickup.

I’m sure others will add more to this thread, and we’ll likely see some of the museum pieces too eventually. But as splendid as the cars were, the companionship of our shared experience together trumped them all. Thank you all for coming and creating such a memorable day!