Happy New Year! Up, Up and Away

Buick-1961-In_the_Clouds New Year

There’s a reason I picked this image: I’d like to leave 2014 far behind, and this seems like just the vehicle to do it in. Meanwhile, CC has had a great year with rapid growth, so let’s celebrate that maybe a few other things.

CC hosted some 2.5 million unique users in 2014; that’s up 55% from 2013. And they viewed some 10 million pages, up 42%. About 57% of our visitors were new; our Google search rankings are sky-high, so folks find their way here as a result of all kinds of searches. Many get what they want, and move on; others come back. That percentage has stayed pretty consistent over the years, so the number of returning visitors is also up by some 55%.

And where do you all come from? US: 69.20%;  Canada: 8.02%;  UK: 2.65%;  Australia: 2.10%;  Germany: 1.96%;  France: 1.32%;  Netherlands: 0.88%;  Mexico:  0.67%;  Sweden: 0.62%;  Brazil: 0.56%. and New Zealand: 0.54%.

So thanks to all 2.5 million of you from all over the globe for dropping by, once or daily, as the case may be. And a really huge thanks to all the Contributors and Editors who made it possible to keep such a healthy flow of content coming. We always welcome submissions, so if you’d like to join the ranks, do let me know.

Here’s Wishing You All A Happy and Healthy 2015!