Welcome to Curbside Classic

(the first post)    You’ve just joined the endless automotive treasure hunt. We prowl the streets to find and document any older car regardless of whether it’s a genuine classic or a tired beater. Our motto is “Every car has a story”, and we’re going to coax one out of each of them: a unique place in automotive history, a treasured family heirloom, a childhood memory, a wild youthful drive or tragic breakdown, memories of love or disdain. It’s about context, not just the dry facts; although we respect those too. And your comments are a big part of creating the stories. This is a collaborative effort, so please come on in, register, start adding to the stories, and pass the the word: Curbside Classic is alive and well, and has a permanent new home.

There will eventually be thousands of Cubside Classics here, a living time capsule of collective knowledge, experiences and history. And there’s more too: Automotive Histories on brands, technology, design and profiles of historically significant cars that won’t likely be found on the street.  The Auto-Biography gets a complete makeover, expanded and fully illustrated, and spawning a raft of new related CCs. And lots of other content too, from editorials to short-form blog pieces including CC Outtakes and anything and everything that grabs our interest and imagination from the wide world of cars.

You can also CCs and other categories on the navigation bar on top, and most easily from the portals on the upper right side of the page, where they will all be listed alphabetically by brand.

We also welcome guest submissions, whether it’s a “My Curbside Classic” or any thing else that fits under our big tent. Please let me know what you think about CC, good or bad, publicly or privately, and how we can make it better.  We’ve only just begun….