Help Wanted; With CC, Not The House


CC 199 207 900

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when the sun comes out more regularly, and there’s so much to attend to outdoors. I took a two month hiatus on the housebuilding project in the dark depths of winter, but since the beginning of February, that’s back in swing. Obviously, I’m not doing the primary physical work full-time, as I have an excellent carpenter/jack-of-all-trades (we did our own plumbing and electrical). But now there’s so much to do to finish it, and I have other projects overdue too. So CC depends on the help of strangers, and the content inflow is getting precariously low.

Anybody want to do a COAL (Cars Of A Lifetime) series? Or just any other CC posts that you think will find some interest here? Got an interesting car you want to share? Some historical knowledge? Here’s your opportunity for internet fame and glory. Some of you do an awful lot of comment-writing; turn that knowledge and finger-tip energy into a post!  Just e-mail me (curbsideclassic(at) the text, and attach pictures (don’t embed them into the text, and reduce pictures to about 600-900 pixels, preferably). Help keep the CC party going over the summer!