1964 World’s Fair Outtake: Chrysler’s Really Big Block V8 – One Million HP; Is That Gross or Net?


(first posted 12/13/2016)      Stumbling into this picture of one of Chrysler’s pavilions at the 1964-1965 NYC World Fair reminds me that the Niedermeyers never made it to all of the Big Three exhibits, having worn ourselves out waiting in lines under the hot August sun at the GM and Ford pavilions.  I’d totally forgotten that this is what Chrysler did there, along with a number of their cars seeming to skim the surface of that moat. Looks like they got the plug wiring wrong, among other things. Here’s some other shots of it and the other Chrysler structure, which is even less faithful to reality.


Its sign says “1,000,000 HP”. Is that gross or net?


The other Chrysler structure is this cartoonish coupe, with six headlights. Who authorized this? Virgil Exner was gone by then.



Now I’m not feeling so bad about missing the Chrysler exhibit. This is ugly. Bill Mitchell would never have let GM do anything like this.