Automotive History: Fourth Generation Lincoln Continentals Used In Official Roles.



(first posted 10/17/2015)    Have you ever looked at a picture and might not have recognized the characters, setting, event, but something just seems so familiar about it? Here is a picture I came across recently.

Yes, that is a broughamtastic fourth generation Lincoln Continental convertible. It looks like it is kept in beautiful condition and that two-tone interior is striking. Inside the car is His Majesty, The King of Norway and Her Majesty, The Queen of Norway on their way to open the Norwegian Parliament on 10-6-2015. Yes, that is right, this car is 50 odd years old and still used for official royal purposes by The Norwegian Family.

This picture could have easily been from 50 years ago, transporting some historic royal or world leader around. In fact, lets examine the many official uses of the fourth generation Lincoln Continental.

king abdullah


Here is a Lincoln Continental Convertible from 1961. This car has been used by The Jordanian Royal Family for many events including Royal Family weddings, official state visits, and His Majesty, King Abdullah II even used it on the day of his coronation.

cp hakan


Crown Prince Hamzah of Jordan and his bride celebrated their wedding in 2012. They are on their way in style,  to  a state reception attended by many international dignitaries in Amman.



In 1965 His Holiness, Pope Paul VI visited the United States. A custom-built 1964 Lincoln Continental Limousine was built for the Holy Father. It was custom-built by Lehmann-Peterson and was suggested as a more appropriate choice than the Ford LTD the Holy Father originally wanted.

pope paul 2
Here it is in action.
And of course, in much happier times during a state visit from The Federal Republic of West Germany, the presidential 1961 Hess and Eisenhardt Lincoln Continental limousine of John F. Kennedy.
pres johnson
A couple more for good measure. President Lyndon B. Johnson in his white 1964 Lincoln Continental on his Texas ranch while still President.
There are rumors out there that the Laotian Government also uses a 4th generation Continental for official purposes, but I could not find an image of that anywhere.
With all the well-known and important past owners of this generation Lincoln Continental, let’s hope the good folks at Lincoln value the reverence of this storied name on any future products that may bear it.