Mountain Pass Video: Passo dello Stelvio in una Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6

The Stelvio Pass is the highest pass in the eastern Alps and one of the highest in the Alps, at over 9,000ft, and links Italy and Switzerland. Visually, it is perhaps the most stunning and photogenic pass in the Europe, and has featured in everything from the Giro d’Italia cycle race to Clarkson era Top Gear. And Alfa Romeo and Ducati model names.

Somehow, it has become a by-word for the evocative and enticing mountain road. Can’t think why……

The Alps are almost universally stunning, and one of my favourite parts of Europe, and so integral to Europe’s history.

Photos and maps do not do it justice; video may be necessary.

A video with the sound of Busso V6 works sounds like a plan….only 8.5 km and 29 hairpins to the top….enjoy the ride!