CC Outtake – Baronesas


Can you believe this was a usual sight in Honduras until the late ’70s?

Thanks to the joys of technology,  I’ve come across a load of pictures of old Honduras. I’ve already posted one, but of course nothing comes without its problems. You see, it seems most of them have hopelessly inaccurate information. How hopelessly inaccurate? This 1966 Ford F-350 (or so) was tagged as a 1930 model. That sound you just heard  was me, facepalming.


Anyway, what you see there is one of the last “Baronesas”. Basically crude buses made from trucks by replacing everything behind the windshield with a wooden structure and benches.  Around the time the picture was taken (that Ford doesn’t look at all fresh so I’m guessing mid-’70s) the powers that be started to realize that pavement might be a good idea on places that didn’t just connect the borders of the country together and the Baronesas slowly gave way to normal buses.