Hot Springs Outtake: Colorful Kia Sephia

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One of the benefits in living a geologically highly unstable part of the world (we’re anticipating a cataclysmic earthquake; if one day I stop blogging for several months, you’ll know why) is that we have natural hot springs. There’s few things more pleasurable than hopping into one after a day spent hiking or mushroom picking. Although we now usually go to one more hidden that we often don’t have to share, a while back we paid a visit to Cougar (Terwilliger) Hot Springs, which is the most popular one hereabouts. And in the parking lot was this location-appropriate colorful Kia Sephia. Isn’t a bland Sephia the perfect blank automotive canvas?

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I don’t take pictures of naked folks enjoying a soak, so this is the only shot I took as we headed down the steps to where the multiple pools have been carved out in this idyllic spot in the deep woods. But if you want to be a voyeur, you can find a few here.

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Back to the Sephia. Well, what’s there to say, really. So I’ll just show the pictures and let you savor them over your coffee. Hopefully.

CC 211 073 1200

CC 211 072 1200

They’ve come all the way from Michigan; no hot springs there.

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Listen to Andy Griffith. Really? We pondered those words of wisdom on the ride home.