CC Contributor Appreciation Day: A Big Thank You To All of You!

February 13 was CC’s sixth birthday, and it’s become our tradition to celebrate it by acknowledging our contributors. CC would never have gotten this far without them, and I mean that most sincerely and literally: There’s no way I would have been able to keep the site going had it not been for the hundreds of contributors over these six long years.

As you may have noticed, some contributors have become regulars (authors) while others come and go. That’s all in the ebb and flow of things, and as we say in Eugene, it’s all good. Well, as long as new contributors step forward to replace the ones that have left, which mostly is what keeps happening, as if by magic.

But we always welcome new contributors; it’s not nearly as daunting as it might look. Got interesting old photographs? Do you post your finds at the Cohort, but would like a larger audience? Got a COAL series to share? Something else? Do let us know, via the Contact form.

Meanwhile, here’s the names of those that contributed in 2016. It’s a bit of a challenge keeping track of everyone, and if I forgot you, let me know.

Editors and Authors:

Aaron65, B24R, Barry Koch, Big Paws, Brendan Saur, Chris M., Daniel Stern, David Saunders, Don Andreina, Doug D, Ed Snitkoff, Ed Stembridge, Eric703, GN, Imperialist, Jason Shafer, Jim Grey, Jim Cavanaugh, Jim Brophy, Jim Klein, Johannes Dutch John875, Joseph Dennis, Gerardo Solis, Perry Shoar, Robert Kim, Robert Swartz, Roger Carr, Tatra87, Tom Halter, William Stopford, Wolfgang, Yohai,


Carey Haubrick, Chris O’Bryant, Evan Reisner, Garry M., GGH06, Joseph of Eldorado, Mark Borcherding, Matt Spencer, Maya Byrne, Nigel Tate, orangechallenger, pikesta, Rivera Notario, Rubens, Spridget, Stanislav A., tbm3fan, Thomas Kreutzer,


just plain joe, MagnumSRT8Brian, mcheath, rlplaut, Michael Ionno,  saabaru, Stephen Hackett, Wolfgang,


I hope you’ll join me in thanking them all!