CC Detroit Meet-Up: Final Plans (and the Lack Thereof) – Interested in the GM Heritage Center?

I’m leaving before the crack of dawn Monday for Baltimore, to visit family before heading to Detroit Thursday night. So it’s time to start wrapping things up some, to the extent possible. There’s still a few loose ends, as the CC Social Events Coordinator was laid off a while back, and I’m not very good at this.

One big question: do we want to try to do the GM Heritage Center?

The key issue about the GM Heritage Center is that it’s only for groups of 30 or more, and by reservation. The question is: are there going to be 30 of us by Saturday? And do you want to shell out $20 for a private tour? I suppose if we’re shy a few, as long as the fee is paid, it’s not a big deal. But it would be good to get close to that. If you’re ready, willing and able, please let me know in the comments. I still have to contact them and see if we can get in on Saturday. It’s cheaper ($10) on Friday, but I doubt we’ll have enough of us then.

Otherwise, here’s a recap of the plans:

Friday: Greenfield Village. Congregate at the fountain out front between 9:15 – 9:45. We’ll plan to spend pretty much the whole day, and eat lunch at one of the venues.   Friday night: casual socializing for those that feel like it. Location TBD.

Saturday:  Sights in and around Detroit. GM Heritage Center, if we get it together. Automotive Hall of Fame. Ford’s Piquette Street Factory. And?  Other than the GM (if we do it), it might not be perfectly coordinated with everyone.

Saturday night dinner and socializing:  We have not picked a place. The outdoor seating at Bud’s Pizza is a real possibility, but who knows how crowded it will be. If someone in Detroit can find us a private room 20-30??, that would be great. The type of food is secondary. Once we figure it out, we’ll put up a quick notice at CC on Saturday, for those coming just to that event. My apologies for not having this planned fully in advance. I’ve been slammed…

Sunday: Henry Ford Museum. Opens at 9:30.  Meet at/near entrance around then, until about 9:45 or so. Stragglers can find us. I have to peel off to catch a 4:45PM flight.

Hotel: A number of us are staying at the Dearborn Hampton Inn. We’ll be eating our breakfasts there, if you want to join us.

Contact: if you can’t find us, call or text me @ 541-55six-5789  or mail: curbsideclassic(at)

See you there!