CC Melbourne Meetup: Motorclassica


Nearly a month ago Don Andreina posted about the coming Motorclassica show to sound out which day we should go, and it was decided that Friday (the 21st) was the better option.  Now it is time to confirm details for the day.

We will meet at 12:30pm at Carmine’s Bistro, 234 Lygon Street, Carlton (Victoria, Australia), which is a traditional Italian restaurant, with mains dishes generally in the $18-34 range.  We are booked under “Curbside Classic”, but our group will be easy to find.


After lunch we will stroll over to the Exhibition Buildings that house the show.  There are usually a lot of exotic cars on display, but not exclusively – it doesn’t get much more down to earth than a Holden panelvan.  Walking around the show with a friendly group has been a lot of fun, and it is surprising what snippets of knowledge or personal anecdotes come up.


In addition to all  of the cars on display including those as part of the auction and club displays, special guests this year are Chad McQueen and Rauno Aaltonen who is attending as part of the celebration of the 1966 Bathurst 500 which was won by a Mini Cooper S.  Other features include a class for Carozerria Touring Superleggera cars, and celebrations for anniversaries such as BMW’s 100th and Mercedes-Benz’ 130th.

Hopefully we will see you there!

Link: Motorclassica website