CC (Really) At Six Months – Time To Meet The Gang That Makes It Happen

Nothing like working hard to make the time seem like it’s flying by, faster than it really is. On July 13, I put up a piece “CC at Six Months“. Hello; that was only five months! And nobody caught it. Goes to show what brilliant historians we are. We got some useful feedback anyway. Now I’m not into celebrating again just because I was off the first time, but I do want to acknowledge the remarkable team that’s developed at CC. Time to party and meet the CC gang that makes it happen. And feel free to tell us something about yourself too.

CC has grown and evolved much faster than even I might have been able to imagine. We now have a core group of writers who bring fresh and unique insights and perspectives to CC. We’re all learning from each other, and are putting out higher quality pieces because of it. All I have to do is go back and read some of my older CCs at TTAC to see how we’ve raised the bar here.

And it’s making an impact: our readership stats are up significantly in the past couple of months. In the previous July post, I mentioned that we had crested 500k cumulative page views. That’s now already over 725k, and the most significant stat, our monthly Absolute Unique Visitors, is up almost 100% from a few months ago. If we can double that again, monetizing the site (and paying our writers) becomes a more tangible reality. Tell a friend, or two.

I’ve updated the CC “About” section with our regular Contributing Editors and their bio-blurbs, but here’s a quick meet and greet of the CC gang:

Jim Cavanaugh – Editor/Writer: Jim was unwittingly drafted into the CC corps, but he’s already an officer. A self-described life-long car nut, Jim hails from Indianapolis where he is a practicing attorney. Jim’s heartland perspective and extensive MoPar experience are a welcome balance. And his history, facts and arguments are always right on the money and compelling. If I ever need an attorney in Indiana…more to the point, if I need someone to mind the store while I take a short break.

Jeff Nelson (picture not submitted) Writer: Jeff’s pieces exhibit a passion for history and palpable warmth that reflects his Southern roots and former career as a radio broadcaster. From his first submission, I knew that here is a “voice”, but it wasn’t until I found out about his radio background that I realized its origins. When Jeff isn’t writing for CC, he’s building homes for Habitat for Humanity, traveling, and spending time in either Florida or North Georgia. CC has unleashed a monster…

Laurence Jones – Writer: Our team is remarkably balanced geographically, which really does affect one’s perspective. Laurence hails from that CC Elysian Fields, the Bay Area, and brings a very artistic approach to both his writing and photography. A self-proclaimed “Oldsmobile Man”, Laurence weaves a family background in the car industry with his perceptive eye to create pieces that I always look forward to.

Michael Freeman – Writer: A native of Oregon, Michael’s life and Cars Of A Lifetime series reflect the all-too common trajectory of so many of us: a near-mania to experience as many cars as possible, in as many ways as possible, including testing (and exceeding) their limits. And like most of us, Michael has grown up, and now is a professional driver and family man, but his wild journey getting there is one that has me addicted.

David Saunders – Writer: And just to really round out our diverse bunch, we need a Canadian. David, who lives in Alberta, has owned over thirty cars including an ultra-rare Reliant Scimitar GTE, Russian SUVs, and built a Lotus 7 clone. He’s found and shared a number of cars not likely to be found south of the border, as well as some more typically Detroit iron. Now we just need a European and Latin/South American writer. All in good time.

The only downside to all this geographic diversity is not meeting our writers in person. Someday.

Mike George, who hails from Portland, I have met, but I know he’s keeping a secret from us (his real name, as well as a picture and bio). He shall remain our man of mystery.

And of course, there’s a raft of Guest Contributors who keep us supplied with a break from the usual, whether it’s a one-time submission for a “My CC”, or more often, like Richard Wayman. My thanks and gratitude to all of you.