CC’s 12th Birthday: Our Annual CC Contributor Appreciation Day

CC is now officially a pre-teen! No wonder we’re so obnoxious lovable. And we’d never have gotten this far without all of our many superb contributors. Our birthday has always been our Contributor Appreciation Day, so let’s hear it for each and every one of you that contributed to our growing success in 2020.

Not in any order, those that contributed new material in 2022:

Stephen Pellegrino, Fuzzyman, Jim Grey, Joseph Dennis, Chas Glynn, Rich Baron, Jim Klein, Eric 703, Tatra87, 01927sALT, davidjoseph1, Jim Brophy, Johannes Dutch, SajivW, Daniel Stern, Aaron65, Jon Stephenson, Tom Halter, Jason Shafer, yohai71, JP Cavanaugh, Dutch 1960, David Saunders, Len Peters, Petricjor, Red Ram, Dave Skinner, dman, Hannes69117, VinceC, Moparlee, bigtombrougham, Jeff Sun, CCfan, Tim Finn, Peter N, Carlsberg66, tbm3fan, Hemi Andersen, steven vettura, fierorunner.

I sure hope I haven’t missed anyone. And a special shout-out for those that took on the big task of a COAL series, we had a bumper crop this year.

2022 was a very good year for CC: 9.42 million page views, the highest since our last record in 2014/2015. Despite the competition from social media, Youtube and everything else in this ever-more fragmented media market, CC has carved out a solid niche, one that grew substantially in 2022. So thanks to you, our readers. We wouldn’t still be here without you.