CC’s Birthday Is Our Annual Contributor Appreciation Day

It’s been our tradition to commemorate CC’s birthday (number 11 this year) by expressing our appreciation to all of our contributors who continue to make this seemingly-endless journey possible. Without them CC wouldn’t be what it’s become: a place where everyone is invited to share their car-related stories and of course their dazzling automotive history brilliance.

Let’s start by thanking all of those that volunteered to write a COAL series:

Chas Glynn,  Daniel Stern,  davidjoseph, David Devereaux, Dutch1960,  Jeff Sun, RichP, RetroJerry, Rich Baron, Sam, SajivW,  xtalfu and 012700sALT.

I don’t give out grades, but I will say that this COAL class of 2021 (and beginning of 2022) has been superb, with some real stand-outs. It’s been both humbling and immensely satisfying to read all these great series.  I’m honored to be able to host such immense and diverse talent. Thank you all!

And there’s the rest of our contributors, some very prolific (I’m looking at you, T87), others just with a one-time submission. Here they are, so take a bow:

Aaron65, Bernard Taylor, Carlsberg66, David Devereaux, David Skinner, David Saunders, dman, Eric 703, Hannes69117, Importamation,  Shafer, Jim Brophy, Jim Cavanaugh, Jim Grey, Jim Klein,  Jon Stephenson, Johannes Dutch, Joseph Dennis, LostDog, PeterN, piersona, Pikesta, PioneerFox, Roger Carr, spongebob squareback, Stanislav Alexeyev, Stephen Pellegrino, T87, tbm3fan, Tim Finn, Tom Halter, Triborough,  Vince C., yohai71, and Will Stopford. My apologies if I left someone out.

The best way to show your appreciation for all the hard work our contributors have shared here with us is to leave a comment at their posts. Commenting is not as prolific as it used to be, as the great majority of readers use their phones and habits change. That’s understandable, and I make a point to tell our contributors that there is no correlation between the number of comments and the number of views of any given post.

There’s thousands of readers out there we may never hear from, or only once in a great while if a subject has a particular relevance to them. I read all the comments, and it never fails to surprise me how random new commenters appear because a certain post has relevance to them. The “Silent Majority”.

FWIW, CC set an all-time high in January, with 1.1 million page views. Some of our posts get picked up by referrers and go viral. But there’s usually very few comments associated with that. It’s just how it works.

And of course we need to thank all of you readers, both the familiar regulars and the thousands of others out there. Your readership is what keeps all of us going.