CC’s Detroit Meet-Up: The Details, So Far

The CC Meetup in Detroit is only three weeks away, and it’s time to pin down some of the key details. Here’s what we have so far, and what’s left to figure out:

Hotel: Several of us (Jim Klein, Jason Shafer, Jim Cavanaugh and I) are arriving Thursday (6/1) in the evening, and have booked rooms at the Hampton Inn in Dearborn (∼$120/night), through Sunday morning.

Friday: Unless there’s a movement to change it, we thought we’d start with Greenfiel Village in Dearborn. it’s not strictly automotive, but Henry Ford’s tribute to 300 years of American technological history. I’ve always had a yen to go there since a kid, and I’d like to ride in their Model T too.

It opens at 9:30. There appears to be a fountain right in front of the ticket booths. We could plan to congregate and socialize there maybe from about 9:15 to 9:45.  There’s two places to eat lunch inside, including the casual State Street Lunch Stand, a good place to meet up again in case we get separated.

Someone who knows might want to tell us whether we should plan for a full day, or break off for another locale in the afternoon.

Saturday: Not yet locked in. Since we’re planning the Henry Ford Museum on Sunday, this is a chance to likely see several smaller venues, as well as see a wee bit of the city itself. That could be the Piquette Ave. Model T factory, or some other possibilities in town. Or drive roughly a half hour either north to Stahl’s Automotive Foundation (open first Saturday of the month 11-4) or west, to the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum, which is open only in the afternoon from 1-4.  It’s possible some may want to break off and go their own way.

Saturday night: The CC Shindig. We need to find a place where we can go and socialize and get a bite to eat in the process. The only request is that it not be an overly noisy place, which my damaged ears can’t tolerate. Sorry. Suggestions? The bigger question is for how many? Can we get a rough idea?

Sunday: Since I have a flight at 4:45pm, I was thinking that we’d do the Henry Ford Museum, and I can peel off when I need to. It’s pretty close to the airport.

I know that the Gilmore Museum is fabulous, but its a 5 hour round trip, and many folks are driving long distances to get here, so I don’t think that’s too realistic.

So please let us know if you’re likely to attend, so we have a rough idea. And I suppose I should offer up my phone number in case someone needs to find us: 5 Four 1-556-5789. Anything we’re forgetting?