CC’s Tenth Birthday – Thanks To All Of You Who Made 16,558 Posts, 678,756 Comments and 75 Million Page Views Possible

Ten years ago today CC went live. I did not allow myself any expectations on how long this impulsive undertaking would turn out or how long it would last; it was just about doing what I loved to do, in the style that felt natural to me. Here we are ten years later, and thanks to all of you—contributors and readers—something quite special has been created. I’m both humbled and proud of what’s transpired on these pages. And I look forward to the next ten years.

Like so many things in my life, deciding to start CC was a rather hasty (read: impulsive) decision. I had left TTAC rather unhappily but necessarily on the morning of January 20, 2011. My intention was to walk away and focus on my other life activities. But then I decided otherwise, spurred on in large part by comments on that post. By 11PM I had secured the domain for and was planning the new site, which went live on February 13th.

I would like to express my profound appreciation to all of the contributors that have added so much to the content and archives here. I’m reluctant to give any names here, as there have been so many, and I will undoubtedly forget some. You know who they are, and were. Some of them have created masterworks of astonishingly high quality; as good or better than in any fine book or magazine. All of them have been inspired to give their best. This is the greatest success of CC, and the one that is most moving to me. I have been humbled, astounded, inspired and most of all, educated by you.

I am indebted to you all—contributors and commenters—for my continuing education. Ultimately, that is the greatest gift of all—to each other—to expand our horizons and knowledge; and not just in automotive history.

My decision to open the site to contributors was an essential element, as I felt gratitude for having been allowed to find my voice at TTAC, something I had dreamed of doing as a kid. The internet has a very large dark underbelly, but it has also opened infinite opportunities for self-expression. And there’s few things more gratifying than to see individuals find their voice.

The whole notion of accepting reader contributions goes back to TTAC, in February of 2010, when David Saunders emailed me the pictures and text for a CC submission for this 1966 Vauxhall Epic, a car and brand that was never sold in the US and was quite unfamiliar to me. I had not even pondered guest CC’s up to that point, but David’s submission opened my eyes to the vast possibilities of readers from all over submitting their CC finds and writing them up. So here’s a special thanks to David for being our first CC contributor, before we ever started the new site. And of course David not only became a very prolific contributor here, but is also our tech-meister, without whom we wouldn’t still be humming along so smoothly.

One of the harder aspects of the job is seeing some long-time contributors leave, but I’ve learned to accept that it simply happens, for a number of reasons. Their contributions will continue to be appreciated here for a long time to come.

The same applies to visitors and readers: some of you have been here from day one, others have come and gone. That’s undoubtedly also for a number of reasons, including my sometimes acerbic style; my apologies for those that have been offended.

Here’s a few key stats as to what 10 years of CC represents:

Posts:  16,588  (5,512 by yours truly)

Comments:  678,756   (not counting spam/trash)

Page Views:  75 million

New/Unique Users:   17.5 million

To commemorate our tenth birthday, I’m going to be re-running some posts from the first few weeks. A few key milestone posts will run today, and then there will be some random ones in the next week or so, re-running on the same date ten years later. They’re not all brilliant, but they reflect our beginnings here.

Thanks again for your continued support, readership and contributions. It’s deeply appreciated, and it’s what keeps me going. I look forward to our 20th birthday!