Curbside Breakdowns: When Repairs Go Awry

It was all my fault.

One often relies on previous experience when troubleshooting a problem, and that was my downfall this morning when I managed to take down the whole CC web site by applying a minor update to the WordPress software on which the site runs. That’s not what I expected to happen!

So to those of you on the Right Coast (and the rest of you early-ish risers), please accept my sincerest apologies for leaving you with a blank screen to go with your first cup of coffee this morning.

That said, let me more formally introduce myself. I’ve been commenting off and on as “res” or “stembre” ever since Paul launched CC (and was a regular reader from his TTAC days), and submitted my first “Ex” CC last year. From henceforth, I’ll be posting under my “real world” name. I’m an industrial designer by education (Georgia Tech), and manage product branding for a Fortune 50 company in order to support my attempts at farming fifteen acres in The Middle West. Our two sons are grown, but still at home for now, and Son Number Two and I are currently restoring ’62 and ’63 Volkswagen Beetles together.

Paul recently reached out to ask if I’d be interested in writing additional pieces for the site, and in the course of conversation, learned I have prior WordPress site and theme development experience (like you believe that now!). So if you noticed the site is loading a little faster today, it’s because Paul has trusted me with the keys to the toolchest, and I’ve already started doing some optimizing behind the curtain. Hopefully I won’t bring the site down again (!), and hopefully you’ll notice the CC experience getting better over time.

I likely won’t be as prolific as Paul, Tom and the rest, but do welcome the opportunity to contribute what I can toward telling every car’s unique story.