CC Outtake: Not A Vega

All this Vega attention here at CC may be wearing out some of our GM fans, so how about something a little more palatable? Like, for instance, this sharp little Corvair convertible?

This car may look like it was shot in Eugene, but it was actually shot at a rainy cruise-in in Iowa City on May 25. Judging from the ad full of happy Chevy owners above, it is a ’63 Monza. Iowa City has a small but dedicated group of Corvair fans (Paul would be proud) and there are usually 3-4 grouped together at these cruise-ins, but today Mr. Corvair was by himself.

While the ’65 and up versions are unquestionably beautiful, I really like these early ones. And as appealing as a convertible may be, I think I would prefer one of these Monza sedans instead, mini-Impala roofline, bucket seats and all. Make mine black, like this one.