Eugene CC Meet-up This Wednesday At Sam Bond’s Garage – And Where Shall We Have Our Heartland Meet Up This May?


Long-time CC reader redmondjp e-mailed me the other day to let me know he would be in town for a couple days this week and would I like to get together with him? Of course; and although it’s short notice, if there’s any other local CC’ers that would like to join us, come look for us at Sam Bond’s Garage (407 Blair St.), starting at 6PM. The food’s not exactly gourmet, but it is a former garage, so it’s a natural.

My life has had some exceptional challenges these past two years that have made travel difficult-to-impossible, but that seems to be changing. I’m really getting in the mood for another heartland CC Meet-up. Where?


I’m quite drawn to the Lane Motor Museum, in Nashville, TN. They have several Tatras, which alone are a draw. And they have a Dymaxion replica, as well as lots of other good stuff. Unfortunately, the French car exhibit is ending soon, but they have a pretty vast collection overall. Maybe we can get a look into the storage areas if we notify them in advance. I seem to remember a commenter telling me that they’d love to have us there.

When? How about a late spring weekend in May?

And for those living near Seattle, I promise to head up there before too long, to see the LeMay Museum in Tacoma. One of my brothers lives in Seattle now, so it’s a natural. Maybe a bit later, like June or July.