Housekeeping: About Those New Ads, An Ad-Free Alternative, and The Future of Curbside Classic

not nearly as bad as this

As you most likely have noticed, we have switched ad networks, from Google Adsense to Adthrive, and the results ads in new locations and formats. And they’re probably a wee bit more obnoxious than in the past. It’s going to take a few weeks to evaluate how the various ad positions are performing, to consider fine-tuning them. But they’re off to a good start. And that’s essential to the future of this site.

And there is an ad-free alternative.

As you may well remember, I “retired” from the site last summer, and the single biggest reason was that our ad revenue had slumped very badly all through 2019. It’s hard to stay motivated after nine years working essentially full-time for some $3/hour. And that lack of revenue meant that there was no way to find a good solution to keeping the site going long-term. I very seriously considered getting rid of the site for peanuts, or just running repeats, or worse.

Thanks to Jim and the others pitching in for five months, I was able to come back with the energy necessary to more thoroughly research the site’s potential, and how to unlock more of that. Thanks to a large daily infusion of visitors from searches, which make up about 50% of our traffic, along with the regular visitors, Curbside is big enough, to qualify for Adthrive, which has been the highest rated ad network for several years running.

The initial results are very encouraging; it’s what I was hoping for. It validates my decision to hire Ed as a part time number two, and it’s going to motivate me to write new longer articles and spend more time curating the content and such.

There is an ad-free alternative: if you’re willing to pay a voluntary subscription, via the “Donate” button on the side, please feel free to use an adblocker. How much is our fresh daily content worth per day? 50¢ ? $1.00 ? You decide. It’s voluntary.

We really need to monetize that 50% of our traffic that comes from searches, and these ads are key to that. They’re a bit more intrusive than they were in the past, but I’ve seen a lot worse. Thank you for your forbearance, and in helping to create a strong and sustainable future for Curbside Classic.