Housekeeping: I’m Off To The Wilds Of Nevada – Daniel Stern Has The CC Keys While I’m Gone

By the time this gets posted on Friday, I’ll be heading to Tonopah, Nevada, where EXBRO5 begins on Sunday morning. And since my usual backup, Jim Klein, is joining us in his Jeep Wrangler, I’m handing the keys over to Daniel Stern, who will be taking the Curbside Classic out for his first spin.

In case you have good eyes and noticed something on the front end of the ExBrox, yes, I decided I needed an appropriate mascot of sorts, to add to the comic air of this whole undertaking. Which of course it is. Taking the xB into the wilds of Nevada is my version of a middle finger to that endless horde of shiny new and newish 4WD SUVs, trucks and Subarus that will never see anything but pavement under their immaculate giant tires.

Here he is, the biggest and most bad-ass predator, ready to take on anything! Nothing can stop us now.


Not even the xBox itself. He’s coming through. I’ve got a tiger in my tank as well as under the hood.

Highly astute observers will note that there’s a slice of his middle apparently missing: no worries; it’s safe inside the xB.

I picked up a couple of cheap two gallon cans, for the one really long leg, from Austin to Elko, which is 219 miles of back roads. The xB could probably make it on its 12 gallon tank, as there’s only so much fuel a 1.5L engine can drink. But Jim’s Wrangler is a bit thirstier, so just to play it safe…

Assuming the xB makes it back out under its own power, I should arrive home next Saturday night, so I’ll be back at the wheel here on Monday, June 28th. Enjoy ten Niedermeyer-free days!

The drive to Tonopah alone will be a very worthy trip. I picked a longer but more scenic route that has a lot of remote back highways. I’ll take a hike a long the way and stop overnight in one of the mountainous areas, probably near Vya, NV. Stephanie and I took a similar route to Tonopah in 2018 in the TSX, and these back highways were a delight at triple-digits speeds, that is until I got busted at 130 mph.  No worries about me speeding this time, as the roof rack is really making itself felt above about 45-50.

See you then!