Housekeeping: We’ve Raised the Speed Limit – No More “You’re Posting Too Fast”, At Least For Now

We’ve made some changes under the hood, which should eliminate the annoying warnings some of you have been getting, and that chewed up your thoughtful comments. An explanation from David Saunders, our tech man, after the jump.

From David:

  It seems to be a somewhat common WordPress issue. It is related to post flood prevention. The system is trying to stop spammers from mass posting. Sometimes the issue comes from folks who post from a larger school or workplace or even ISP where the end users all appear to share the same IP address. It is possible to disable flood control on the site but not recommended as then the spammer can create a mess. Not sure where this leaves us unfortunately. There is no setting to make it less sensitive – just on or off.

And it’s off, for now, unless we a problem with mass spam attacks. We do have a spam filter which is quite effective, so hopefully that will be adequate.

Speed type away…