Security Update: Inactive Authors and Contributors Have Lost Posting Access – But You Can Readily Get it Back

CC has been hacked before, and there have been highly targeted efforts to access my account using an automated password generator (scary, watching endless log-in attempts every day for over a week). In order to minimize security risks, all authors and contributors who have not posted in the past 4-6 months have been downgraded to subscriber level. Nothing personal, and I’m glad to restore access if you’re wanting to contribute, as long as you use a CC-specific and very strong password.

Which is also mandatory for all those that are currently active posters: Please make sure your password is unique to CC, and very strong. Thanks.

While I’m at it, if you’ve not contributed to CC before, our doors are always open to new contributors. Got something you want to add to the conversation here? Send me an email at curbsideclassic(at)