Site 503 Time Out Issues Fixed – Thank You David Saunders!

Wow! That was quick. Long time CC Contributor David Saunders dove into the CC server files last night, and later this morning found and fixed an issue that has the site running as snappy as ever. Thank you, David!

Here’s what he found:

(from an email to me an hour or so ago):

Β I don’t want to get too technical here but basically in the database there is a table called wp_options. It basically stores variables and configuration for WordPress its self but most importantly for plug ins as well. Some plug ins are written better than others and will leave either large amounts of data or old data in that table. A reasonable number of rows for that table is a couple hundred. We had around 220k. Ouch. I cleared out all the temporary ones as well as added a database index for better performance. I did that before heading to work this morning. It still requires a bit more of a clean-up/close look. This will take a bit more time as I have to be more purposeful with the next stage of clean-up. I will continue that tonight/this weekend.

We might be able to delay the need for a new server if these tweaks work out.

David is actually the oldest contributor to CC, as he did a guest CC he submitted to back at the old site. And he’s at it ever since, most recently with his Affordable Classic 1961 Pontiac Laurentian series. I had no idea David worked in IT; I assumed he was in some technical field, but I’m most grateful he stepped forward a couple of days ago.

So enjoy the the site, and the ability to edit your comments again.