Support CC For Only 33 Cents Per Day And Get Rid Of All The Ads. What A Deal!

A comment was left the other day by a reader complaining about all the ads and wondering why we haven’t figured out another way to create “passive income for CC”.  But we already have, several years ago, actually, with our premium membership that delivers an ad-free version for 33 cents per day ($10/month). I am not the salesman or huckster type, and I have not done enough to encourage this option. It’s a relatively painless way to support for CC, which is essential for us; more than ever now that I’m officially retired. Rich gets paid to keep the site going, although it’s hardly commensurate with the demands of the job. And we have other expenses.

So please click here (or the banner on the right sidebar) and become a supporting member of CC. Instead of a mug or hat, you’ll enjoy something much more premium: a completely ad-free version of CC.

Since I’ve got my salesman hat on, there’s one more thing I’d like to ask of you:

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Whew; that wasn’t so hard, for me and you.

And a big thank you to those that already are CC members!