Thank You To All Of You CC Donors – And To Those Of You Not Adblocking CC


Here’s a big THANK YOU to all of you have have generously donated to CC via the Donate button on the right of the page. I never solicit donations, and am a bit embarrassed to even bring the subject up, but I’m touched by the gesture every time and want to acknowledge you, since there’s no easy way to send you a Thank You otherwise.

And here’s another Thank You to all of you who allow CC to deliver ads to your device, by not using an AdBlocker, or whitelisting CC on it if you do.

Our already modest Google Adsense revenue is down some 15-20% this year, mostly due to increased use of Adblockers. It’s hitting all ad-supported websites hard, and it’s discouraging. I’ve long given up on CC becoming a viable business proposition able to support me full-time or pay our top writers, but it is a bit painful to see our ad revenue continue to shrink. Enough of that; now back to our regular programming…