Time For a Change at CC: I’m Retiring and Handing Over the Keys to Jim Klein & Co.

This will be post #4,699 for me since starting CC in 2011. And it may be a while before post #4,700 goes up, as I’m retiring from CC. This has been a long time coming, and it finally arrived. And I’m very happy to know that I leave CC in very capable hands: Jim Klein, assisted by Jim Cavanaugh, Jason Shafer and the rest of the CC regulars (and other Contributors).

There’s not really a whole lot to say except that I’m burned out and need a serious break from blogging after twelve years. Possibly a permanent one. We’ll see. When I feel truly motivated to post something, I will. But I’ve learned it’s not good to feel pressure to keep up at something when the enthusiasm is missing. I don’t work that way, literally.

It’s time to spend more time reading books to recharge the mental batteries, and more outdoor activities. But most of all, just not to feel the pressure to keep posting.

And after 17,263 comments, I’m going to be cutting that back too. I’ll be popping in and out as the mood hits, but without any pressure.

I’m extremely gratified that CC has developed such a strong group of regular and occasional Contributors who seem eager to keep the site going. Jim needed a new challenge in his life, and I was more than happy to give it to him. 🙂  He has a lot of passion and energy, which is what it takes.

Thank you all for this great long ride. It’s been absolutely wonderful; I’ve learned more about old cars and automotive history than I ever dreamed possible. And met a lot of wonderful like-minded fellow travelers. CC has become an institution, with an incredible storehouse of information in its archives. I feel a very strong sense of stewardship about that, and any changes at CC will be made with that in mind. Preserving the site for the public good is the key priority.

I want to thank those that have donated to the site; if you chose to continue to do so, please know that it will be used to keep paying for the server and related support services as needed. And of course all of you contributors who have shared your wonderful personal stories and automotive knowledge. I determined from the start that CC would be a collaborative effort, and it quickly became one. And that’s what will allow it to continue. There’s many of you out there that have stories and knowledge to share; please step forward at this time when Jim and the others could really use a hand, or two. Sharing is caring, and if you care about CC, that’s the best way to show it.

I feel like a proud parent seeing their kid drive off alone for the first time. Safe travels!