Wanted: A New COALman (or woman)

coalman -john-chatterley

CC’s COAL (Cars Of A Lifetime) Series has become a Sunday morning institution since quite early on. We’ve had a number of COALmen who shared with us all the cars they’ve ever owned; in the case of Jim Klein, that was forty one. Our current COALman, David Saunders, already has thirty under his belt, and has just a few more to come. So it’s time to enlist the services of a new COALperson. It’s not about how many cars you’ve had, or how unique they were;  just sharing your experiences, which are always fascinating to the rest of us even if they might seem mundane to you.

And if you don’t have pictures, that’s no problem either (we know where to find them). It just takes a willingness to write one up per week, for the duration. I know there’s literally thousands of you out there whose stories we’d like to hear. And they’ll be recorded here for posterity. So let’s line up over here at the Contact Form, or send us an e-mail directly at curbsideclassic@gmail.com. It’s much more fun than actually hauling coal.