Welcome to CURBSIDE – A New Logo, Menu, and More To Come

After nine years, the site was pretty badly in need of a makeover. That includes a new logo that better represents what we’ve become, as well as a number of new functional features and options to improve your Curbside experience, including an-ad free option.ย  It’s a work in progress, but as of last night, the new logo is up, and the top menu bar has been re-arranged for greater simplicity and functionality.

But there’s more to come…

As for the logo, I’d like to thank Don Kincl, one of our more regularly featured Cohort posters, who volunteered to realize my concept. The idea is to emphasize CURBSIDE, as we’ve become much more than Curbside Classics. We’re obviously interested in a much wider range of automotive (and other transportation) coverage than just old curbside cars. That’s not really new, as from the start we did more than that, but it’s been growing, and we’re posting one Curbside Newsstand pretty much every weekday, as well as other related coverage of all that catches our interest. And hopefully yours.

I’m going to be referring to the site as Curbside from now on, but I’m not forcing the issue. As you can see, the Classic is still there too.

The top menu bar has been rearranged, and new functions added. From left to right, there’s “Home” as before, to get you back to our front page. Next to that is “Site Info”, which when it’s clicked on reveals a submenu of options that were scattered about before. Some of those pages will need to be updated yet.

The “E-Mail Subscription” option is not yet functional, but we’re purchasing an email service that will allow users to receive daily or weekly notifications of new posts at Curbside. Our old system is all or partly defunct, and we’ll try to migrate the old emails to the new one. I’ll let you know when it’s working.

Next up is “Membership”. That’s not working yet too, but we’re purchasing a system that will allow readers to become members for a very modest recurring fee (33ยข a day/$10 month) that will deliver them a completely ad-free Curbside. Our new ads are a bit more intrusive, but the increased revenue is essential for the long-term future of Curbside. This is an alternative. And there will likely be other benefits to being a Member, when we come up with them. All regular/recurring contributors will receive a free membership.

The Archives are now all accessible from the top menu bar, for the benefit of our mobile users.

Recent CC’s & Histories access the various categories of CC’s and Histories, chronologically from the present backwards.

The CC Cohort button accesses the Cohort Flickr page, as before.

And the Log In and Register features stay the same.

I’ve hired a Word Press developer who is making these changes, and he’s encountered some back-room issues with the site that will also be addressed. And we will likely think of others too. If you have any reasonable requests, let us know, but no guarantees.

Thanks to your support, I’m motivated to take Curbside into the next decade with renewed energy and plans for growth. Curbside has been growing again these past few months, and Eda and I and all the Contributors are committed to keep the momentum going.