Welcome To Peugeot Fest (Not Week)

CC 129 115 1200

As many of you know, I have a very special place in my heart for Peugeot. I owned no less than six 404s, which was a deep immersion into one of the most legendary of the so many X0X series by the storied French maker. We’ve covered many of their cars in the past, so it’s time to trot them all out again, along with new ones.

Paul's 404 002Santa Monica, 1978

Note that I added the (Not Week) to the title because I know that a 100% Peugeot Week would undoubtedly tax the attention spans of some of our readers. So were going to do Peugeot Fest a bit different: one post per day, at 10AM (PDT), in chronological order of their first year of build. Which means Peugeot Fest may go on for a while, but if you stay with us, you’ll undoubtedly end up with a deeper appreciation of one of the most storied firms in automotive history.

Peugeot 404 camels-peugeot

I’ll be starting with a condensed history of the firm tomorrow before our first CC’s commence, mostly post war cars except for one or two. For our contributors, you’ll have to be fluid in terms of scheduling, as it’s going to be difficult to know just when to schedule certain cars much in advance, as we’re going strictly chronological.  I can always push things off as needed. It”l be interesting to see how long Peugeot Fest will end up. All of July? Maybe. We’ve got a mighty big load of material to haul out of the archives.