We’re Back From Our Little Summer Vacation

I got more work done on the van these past couple of days than usual. And it was rather pleasant waking up and not having to think about tending to the site, or again in the evening. But my vacation was your CC outage, and we can’t have that, eh? So we decided to fire up the site and get back to work…

Ok; actually the server had another hiccup. And David Saunders took time out from his summer Sunday to try and fix it. But there was a root level of one aspect of the server system that he didn’t have access to. Our previous tech consultant who set up the server forgot about passing on the access to that one level, so Dave was shut out.

But our former tech consultant was available today after work, and she resolved the issue quickly. And she gave Dave the keys to that area of the server. So that little glitch turned into a little vacation. Your loss is my gain.  🙂