I’m Back, Thanks To Wire, Pliers And Screwdriver – And A Big Thanks To Those Who Kept CC Running

Two weeks ago, we loaded up the official CC Camper (1977 Dodge Chinook) and hit the road, a 2200 mile loop to Glacier National Park and back. Frankly, I was mentally burnt out and physically exhausted. We were already a couple of days behind schedule, so the Chinook got a brief wash to get the annual build-up of Oregon green slime off it, a quicky acrylic replacement sliding window for one that shattered after I opened it, a precursory check to make sure the fluids were topped up, a bit of of air in the tires…and off we go, having sat for a year. I’m just about to write up a bit of a travel-log of our adventure. Obviously, we made it back, but there were a few moments when it seemed otherwise. Three repairs, all of them requiring the above implements, one of them essential to continued forward progress. Want to guess what they were?

To make this fabulous and highly memorable vacation a reality, I have to first acknowledge the efforts of those that made it possible by keeping CC going. Jim Cavanaugh stepped in to more than he probably realized, who along with Jeff Nelson, Laurence Jones, Michael Freeman and the rest of the CC Writers and Contributors kept CC humming along even more smoothly than my rolling CC. No baling wire and pliers needed here. Thank you all!