Immortality Attained: VW Bus Vending Machine (and other CCC Flickr Goodies)

I’m loving this! No sooner do I put up a VW Type 2 post, and a couple of new related shots appear from the CC Cohort (this one from Davo). This is proof that the bus has achieved cultural immortality: a vending machine, obviously a (bad) copy, but who would have imagined this in 1968? I hope there’s one at the Grossglockner Tourist Shop. BTW, those wheels are so not VW, but they ring a bell. There’s more from the CCC Flickr brigade, and not just buses:

This was part of a set of VW bus shots added by jimandmandy. It’s almost identical to this shot from my Snowy Walk.

Not exactly VW buses, but this shot of a couple of vintage Ramblers by channaher really speaks to me. reminds me I need to run my ’64 Classic CC, and shoot a similar Rambler like the back one I just spotted. Thanks for the nudge. And check out all the other new goodies posted by the Cohort, including a Fiat 500.