Imported CCs: Ich Mag Deutsche Bordsteinkante Klassiker – Wirklich!


I have developed a reputation as the Broughamy go-to author here on CC (along with Richard Bennett, natch), but the plain truth is I can find just about anything on wheels interesting. When I was a kid and the family would go out to dinner, I’d usually comment on how good everything was. My mother, on several occasions, would say “Tom, you’ve never met a food you didn’t like.” Not true: I hate beets!

I am kind of the same way when it comes to cars. But my heart has always been with German cars, though I’ve never owned one. Porsches, VWs, Audis, Mercedes Benzes, I like them all. So I had to post this ’80s Targa spotted by my uncle in Iowa City. Anything with Fuchs wheels is a winner in my book. I have some other German finds I’ve been ignoring too, so grab a Lowenbrau, a plate of weisswurst, some red cabbage and potato salad, and let’s check out some wheeled German fare.


German cars have always been a part of my life. Dad still has an ’01 Carrera, my aunt and uncle have an NB convertible and an A4, my cousin Sara’s husband has a Jetta TDI, and a good friend of mine has an E350 Bluetec. It certainly didn’t hurt that my dad has owned close to a dozen Porsche 356s–including several parts cars–over the last forty years. The picture above is of Dad’s first 1960 Roadster and its parts car, circa 1973.


Despite his preference for 356s, Dad also owned one classic 911 between 2003 and 2007–well, actually a 912 (its story can be found here), as he could work on the engine, being that it was the same as the mid-’60s 356SC motor. But I like practical sedans too…


…like the good old, never-say-die Diesel W123. This one was also spotted by my uncle, this time at a shopping center in Tucson. The “Bundt” alloys of this generation Mercedes always look good, but in my opinion, the color-keyed wheel covers are just a bit cooler.

184 (1024x682)

I actually found this car’s twin in Davenport last winter, though in somewhat rustier condition.

186 (1024x682)

Still quite solid, though–they really knew how to rust-proof these cars. And you have to love the stand-up hood ornament. It looks so much better than the aftermarket grille-mounted versions–those should only go on the SL and SLK!

185 (1024x682)

The interior was very nice too–that MB Tex wears like iron…and look! A manual transmission too.

187 (1024x682)

Here’s a close-up of those great wheel covers. So classicly Mercedes. Was the W123 the last MB to have these available?

April 2013 044 (839x1024)

Porsche, Mercedes..what about more prosaic wheels? Well, I did recently discover a cache of Golfs, Rabbits and GTIs about a month ago.

April 2013 045 (1024x682)

When the value of these ’80s pocket rockets goes up, this guy will be there to cash in–assuming his inventory hasn’t rusted away. And if they can’t be coaxed into running, there are several good old V8 pick ’em ups for parts store runs!

April 2013 046 (1024x682)